Helping businesses & individuals grow "Digitally" since 1996! 

A Digital Marketing Coach and Consultant that can help you get the most out of your Digital Marketing activities.

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Let me introduce myself!


Hi, I'm Jawdat, a passionate and curious being! I spend most of my day switching between different "realities". In love with most things Digital, including, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, AI, Metaverse and Cryptocurrencies. I am an Educator and a Consultant who believes in decentralization.

I started my online journey in mid-90s and since then have managed hundreds of online projects and campaigns as a web designer and a digital marketing professional, during those projects and campaigns I managed budgets with millions of US$ and helped businesses generate 10x returns and more.

Since I began training in 2000, I have led many workshops and training sessions. Additionally, I launched three Arabic online courses in 2019 in partnership with Google that are accessible on; more than 110K students enrolled in these courses.

My life's mission is to make the complex "Digital" world simpler for everyone.


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I created a free beginner-friendly 24-pages guide for you to help you understand what Google Analytics 4 is, and how to start using it.

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Areas that I can help you with  

Digital Ads

Creating digital advertising is no longer an option. Let me help you get the best possible results from the money you spend on ads.

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Digital Analytics

You can only make improvements on things you can measure. Don't stay in the dark. Measure correctly and keep getting better.

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Search Marketing

Whether it's a website, an app, a video, or a place in the real world. People want what you have, let me help them find you.

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How exactly can I help you? 

I currently offer one-on-one consultation sessions and group coaching programs. In the consultation sessions and coaching programs I can help you with:

  • Digital Advertising (Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Snapchat Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and TikTok Ads)
  • Digital Analytics (Google Analytics, GA 4, Google Data Studio, Heat-map tools and Adjust)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and App Store Optimization (ASO) 

I also provide tailored training programs to companies of all sizes, but I believe I can help startups a bit more :)

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