Jawdat Shammas

Hello, I'm Jawdat.


I'm a passionate and curious person about everything "Digital".

I spend most of my day going from one "reality" to another. I love the digital world and have a passion for Digital Marketing, Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, and Cryptocurrencies.
I am an educator and a consultant who believes in decentralization.

My goal in life is to help everyone understand and make the best out of the overwhelming digital world.

My Story


Since 1987, when my father got me a personal computer that requires a TV connection to function, I've been hooked on the digital world, and when I first began using a dial-up modem to access the internet in 1995, my favorite music was the sound of the modem connecting to the internet.

I have more than two decades of expertise leading and implementing Digital Marketing and Digital Businesses in the retail, financial, and education sectors for the middle east markets, especially UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

I love Digital Marketing training, and have enjoyed delivering training in many countries in the Middle East since 2013, but I especially enjoyed working with Maharat Min Google and Edraak to make three online courses about Digital Marketing in Arabic, the courses were titled: Search Engine Optimization, The Right Online Presence and Digital Analytics.

Here is a link to the courses: http://www.edraak.org/programs/specialization/digmar-vv1/

I am honored to hold a golden visa from the UAE.

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